Barkyard Doggy Daycare & Boarding Exterior

It all started with…

our in home pet care (dog walking & pet sitting). Back in 2014 J.Tails in home pet care was born. Giving pet parents modern care for their dogs who either didn’t want to or couldn’t board or attend doggy daycare.

Since then we’ve had the dream of growing into the Barkyard, a doggy daycare and pet boarding for the modern pet parent. We approached Barkyard with our same belief of what modern pet care should be. Which is why you will find highly trained (fur)panions, a supportive environment, and cohesive landscaping.

We partnered with Sit Happens Dog Behavior & Modification to ensure all of our (fur)panions are properly trained to care for your pets.

10 kennels, no frills. We minimized the amount of dogs spending the night to ensure the calmest environment for those staying with us. By doing this we intend to eliminate excessive barking which causes dogs stress when away from the pet parent. All of our Play & Stays, participate in group play during the day, leaving no dog left behind. You’ll also find no silly extras, just the essentials. Dog’s don’t watch TV, or need queen sized suite and cuddles should NEVER be extra. We place pups in our care in kennels that reflect their size and during the day we ensure they all get loving and play time. If you have a younger or easily bored dog, you can add on a busy treat to be given at bedtime.

From indoors to outdoors, we have thought of it all. Most importantly you can see it all on our webcams. We believe transparency is key. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see their dog romping around while they on vacation or at work?! Our indoor and outdoor play space are separated into two play areas filled with activity centers. Our outdoor yard will feature a paw friendly pea gravel perimeter and a k9 grass interior. Keeping your dog clean of dirt and eliminate risk of zoonotic diseases found in dirt/mulch/grass.